Monday, August 22, 2011

Is this a Dirty Hit?

This past weekend, Rahim Moore of the Broncos hit Bills receiver Donald Jones as Jones was attempting to make a catch along the sideline.  Moore was penalized for hitting a defenseless player.  Please watch the video to see this very physical hit.  There is no doubt that this is a vicious hit, but should it be illegal? 
The NFL continues to make rules regarding hits on both offensive and defensive players.  Now more than ever, the NFL is cracking down on hits to "defenseless players".  Last year, we saw James Harrison being flagged and fined for hitting Mohamed Massaquoi because the referees and NFL executives determined that Massaquoi was defenseless after catching the ball on a crossing route.  What should be legal?  What is over the line?  I know that when I was a kid playing football, our coaches always said "keep your head on a swivel", which really means that you could get hit from any angle at any time so be prepared.  Many people think that football is getting "too soft".  Is that the case?  Should these hits be allowed and encouraged?  I would like to hear your thoughts and comments on this divisive issue.

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  1. Nope. "Dirty" implies intent. He hit a guy in the chest with his shoulder softer than Harrison would hit Goodell if dreams came true.

  2. This "Defenseless Player" rule is getting totally out of hand. These players know exactly what their getting into when they sign a contract to play in the NFL.

  3. Nothing like those James Harrison hits