Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Plaxico Redux?

Maybe they think we will only remember the good times. Maybe they think you can go home again. Maybe they believe this time will be different. What I recall about the Plaxico era in the Burgh was a guy who had some spectacular catches and games (I was at the tie game vs Atlanta in 2002), and some seriously bad screwups (spiking the ball 2 separate times before being called down by the referees). We know that Ben would love to have him back, but at what cost? Are we forced to cut Randle El who is a dual threat at receiver and punt returner? Does this mean that we have to cut somewhere else to save money (we are still $10million over the salary cap). I just don't see where this helps the Steelers. We have Ward, Wallace, Sanders and Brown that are the core receiving group (and don't forget Heeeeeeeath). How many catches would Plax have in that rotation anyway? Plax isn't a necessity and I just don't see him being a priority right now. I say pass ON Plax, not pass TO Plax.

1 comment:

  1. No, no and NO.
    Been there, done that and it didn't work the first time.
    Does anyone believe that he'll be a good fit years later (and older)?
    I'm offended that anyone in Pittsburgh is even considering this.