Sunday, July 31, 2011

Plaxi-goes to the Jets

Plaxico Burress signed with the Jets today. The deal with the Steelers never materialized because the Steelers are still over the salary cap by about $3 million (we have 3 $1million exceptions that get us in just under the wire). I expect at least 1 veteran to restructure his deal for a lot less money or someone or two is getting cut. Aaron Smith had dinner with Omar Kahn the other night and I imagine that they talked about this. Smith is scheduled to make around $4.5 million this year. If he doesn't restructure then I would expect Larry Foote and Limas Sweed to be cut. Foote is going to make $2.5 million and Sweed is around $500k. We also would like to work out long-term deals for Lamarr Woodley (our franchise player), Mike Wallace and Troy Polamalu (both of their contracts are up at the end of the season). Look for more moves by the Steelers but not in the way of signing outside talent.

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