Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The First Quarter is Over!

Ndamukong Suh is a total beast.

We have seen some amazing events occur in the first 4 weeks of the season.  Some can be explained and others are called the Detroit Lions.  Here is a little review of what has happened.

AFC East
Buffalo Bills—Buffalo still has a team?  The Bills haven’t made the playoffs since 1999.  Do they have staying power or will they need Cialis by week 15?
New England Patriots—despite losing to the Bills, the Pats probably have the easiest schedule in the league (what a coincidence).  I still think they win the division but that defense will keep them out of the Super Bowl.
New York Jets—Mark Sanchez will determine whether the Jets make the playoffs.  If he plays like he did versus the Ravens, the Jets will have great seats (in their living rooms) for the playoffs.
Miami Dolphins—Chad Henne might be out for the year.  That just means that Brandon Marshall won’t be dropping his passes.  Tony Sparano is toast and Jeff Ireland should be out of the league.

AFC North
Baltimore Ravens—They couldn’t ask for much more by starting the season at 3-1.  Joe Flacco is the Mark Sanchez of the AFC North.  Their early bye week doesn’t help if that veteran defense needs rest late in the season.
Pittsburgh Steelers—just read my blog.  I don’t have enough space here.
Cleveland Browns—They have beaten two teams who are struggling and they lost to two teams that are better than they are right now.  8-8 will be a good record for them since they have 3 trips to the Pacific time zone left on the schedule.
Cincinnati Bengals—This team is more competitive than I thought they would be.  A big win over the Bills and a tough loss to the Niners.  Same deal with Cincy, 8-8 is a good record if they can squeeze it out.
AFC South
Houston Texans—They are playing at a pretty high level right now.  Wade Phillips has the defense coming around and with Andre Johnson out, Arian Foster will have to pick up the slack.  A tough road in the next few weeks gives way to an easier schedule down the stretch.
Tennessee Titans—No one picked them to be 3-1 right now.  They should be 4-0 but lost a tough game in week 1 versus Jacksonville.  The last game of the year against Houston could be for the division title.
Jacksonville Jaguars—It is a good thing they got rid of David Garrard.  Now they are averaging under 10 points/game.  Duh, losing!  There is a reason why they can’t fill the stands in Jax.
Indianapolis Colts—Without Peyton, they are just an average football team.  Check out my blog post from 9/23/11 as to why Peyton is so valuable.

AFC West
San Diego Chargers—They beat three of the worst teams in the league and lost on the road to a scoring machine.  Their division is weak and they will win it. 
Oakland Raiders—They are scoring with Jason Campbell at QB (doesn’t everyone play better after they leave the Redskins?—except McNabb).  If they just play a little bit of defense………uh, not gonna happen.
Denver Broncos—The fans won’t be happy until Tim Tebow is the starting QB.  Then, when they go 1-7 under Tebow, they will beg Kyle Orton (or someone else to save them from “the savior”.  I like John Fox but he is in a turrible situation.
Kansas City Chiefs—They let Brian Waters go, Tony Moeaki got hurt, then Eric Berry got hurt, then Jamaal Charles got hurt.  Wow, no wonder they are 1-3.  Better luck next year Todd Haley…….if you are still there.

NFC East—Washington Redskins—Silver Spoons, I mean Dan Snyder, loves to tinker with his team.  It looks like they might have tinkered themselves into a winning record this year.  A tough loss at Dallas is the only blemish on their record.  This usually difficult division is not as hard so far with the Giants having so many injuries and the Dream Team in the cellar.
New York Giants—Could Tom Coughlin be a nominee for coach of the year?  It is possible after all the injuries the Giants have suffered so far.  They could be the Green Bay story of this season if they make the playoffs.
Dallas Cowboys—No General manager, no common sense on how to play with a lead (head coach’s fault) and a QB playing through ridiculous pain.  It should be a soap opera.  Wait, it is.
Philadelphia Eagles—The Dream Team has become the Nightmare Team.  With all the free agents they signed, maybe the Eagles should change their name to the Redskins.  Andy Reid is in trouble if they don’t make the playoffs.

NFC North
Detroit Lions—Before the season started, Ndamukong Suh said that the Lions would go undefeated this year.  Is this even possible?  I wish Einstein was still alive so he could explain how all of this works.  Right now, the most interesting game of the 2011 NFL season looks like Thanksgiving Day when the Packers face the Lions at Ford Field.  No one has watched the Lions Thanksgiving game with interest since Barry Sanders retired--this year will be different.
Green Bay Packers—All offense, all the time.  Aaron Rodgers must have gotten his hands on that drug from the movie “Limitless”.  But if their defense doesn’t improve, it will be very difficult for them to repeat as Super Bowl champions.
Chicago Bears—This week’s game versus the Lions is HUUUUGGGEEE.  They can’t afford to fall to 2-3 and have the Lions sitting at 5-0.  Look for Jay Cutler to literally run for his life against Suh and co.
Minnesota Vikings—Does anyone have Brad Childress’ phone number?  It is getting ugly fast in the twin cities.  You don’t want to be 0-4 and asking taxpayers to help pay for your new multimillion dollar stadium when the economy is still in the crapper.

NFC South
New Orleans Saints—They put up points like it is a video game.  Their only problem is that they haven’t played defense since they won the Super Bowl.  This is the toughest division in football and the Saints schedule is not easy.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers—This is a young, mentally tough ball club.  They don’t get flustered when they fall behind.  In fact, it almost seems like a strategy for them.  Let the other team take the lead and let LeGarrette Blount be the tortoise.
Atlanta Falcons—Yeah, they can pass the ball, but they usually win when they run it.  Will they be able to stay with the Saints and Bucs?
Carolina Panthers—Cam Newton is fast becoming a star.  But usually when new players hit the league, they can start fast until defensive coordinators get some quality game film to work with.  Then the star falls.  Keep an eye on this one.

NFC West
San Francisco 49ers—A close loss to Dallas puts them at 3-1.  Maybe that was a game they should have won.  Then again, they won one that they probably should have lost (Eagles).  The division is theirs to win or lose.
Arizona Cardinals—Come on, Whiz!  AZ can’t win the close one.  NFL history is littered with good teams who ended up in the dumpster because they couldn’t finish.  Right now, you can add these guys to the pile.
Seattle Seahawks—Do I really have to talk about them?  Do they have a QB or a QB controversy?  Does anyone on the team even know?
St Louis Rams—The whole franchise is collapsing.  I feel bad for Spags.  The owner is a Dan Snyder wannabe and guys keep getting injured.  It is a long season in St Louie.

Feel free to comment on these thoughts.  I really appreciate you reading my blog.
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